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Saturday, May 28, 2011

software,hardware,computer pheperals

the best price what suits you ,no matter what you buy from where and when,just mail me your query about anything what you want to know,eg:-free software,windows problems,hardware problems,etc.,and i will assure you to give the best results what you want in my blog !!!!!!!

so start now SILIGURI What are you Waiting For????????


shantanu said...

please tell me is it possible to make windows7 home basic transperant???????

blackjack_shan said...

there is no such way to make windows 7 home basic transparent,i strongly recommend you to upgrade to a upper version of win 7,using the anytime upgrade,available in all version of win 7.

or you can try a cheep way,just download ""True Transparency"
(available free) install it to our computer,right click on it and select "Run At Startup" And you are Done.........!!!!!!!!!!